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Regions 1: South Africa

Usually corporate positions require some presence, either at the company head office or in reach of some of the sites of operation. This being a candidate requirement, the ideal search firm will have the kind of network that allows it to find the best person either living in that locale, or willing to relocate.

Click on a link below for information pertaining to some of the most central business districts in South Africa.

  • Johannesburg
  • Pretoria
  • Durban
  • Newcastle
The Western Cape:
  • Cape Town
The Eastern Cape:
  • The Eastern Cape
  • Port Elizabeth

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Regions 2: Sub-Sahara Africa, Other

Untapped potential: There is much untapped potential in the Sub-Saharan countries of Africa. Potential investors, however, are daunted by the ongoing corruption, lack of transparency and political risk endemic to this largely impoverished area. Cell phone companies, and others, however, have shown that if managed correctly, investment in this region can be extremely profitable.

The Skill Deficit: The lack of expertise in Africa is a problem for both enterprising Africans, and for foreigners who wish to expand their companies into this continent. Individuals, with the relevant skill sets, and who are willing to relocate are needed. A search firm, working on such a project, should have international contacts as well as some experience in the way business is carried out in these countries.

Click on one of the links below to view information pertinent to the other five Sub-Saharan countries: these five have demonstrated significant growth margins, as well as a competitive GDP for the area.

Equatorial Guinea