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The search for a right candidate: It is difficult to find skilful professionals that are both ingenious and experienced. A person who makes good decisions is courageous, but the courage is tempered by a strong sense of responsibility. An effective leader needs to be able to motivate a work-force and command respect, while also being receptive to relevant feedback. Few have such complex traits, and there is a great demand for those that do. Consequently, it is difficult to secure such a person for ones company – and yet it is essential to do so.

Search as a specialisation: This kind of person is not likely to walk in looking for a job, and probably won’t be scanning the classifieds either! Trying to find such a person on ones own is hardly an option in today’s ultra-specialised age: now there are professionals whose very expertise lies in executing such a task. In fact, the present abundance of executive searchers, senior recruiters, executive placers and head-hunters of all kinds, has ironically given rise to a new need: some way of choosing between them.

The significance of choosing the right search firm: Although one can now hire a firm to find the right person, it is still necessary to decide which firm to approach. This in itself is an extremely important decision as there are multiple factors to take into consideration. Some firms operate best in particular regions, some have a poor reputation and many have the majority of their contacts in particular industries. Selecting the right firm is, as a result, a complicated and taxing process. If you make an arbitrary choice, however, you may well find yourself with a far from ideal firm, and, consequently, a less than ideal candidate.

At ExecutiveSearchDefined, we have devised a system that takes much of the work out of making this decision.

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